Thursday, March 29, 2007

Week 9 #23

Whew! I thought I would never get here. It took me so long to do everything that I don't know if I can remember what my favorite Things were.

When I set up my blog I just picked a template and got on with it. You may have noticed (or probably not with so many sites to look at) that I have since gone back and selected what I think is a nicer template for a groundhog. I'm more comfortable playing around with my blog now.

Flicker was pretty cool once I learned how to post an image to my blog. That was so long ago now that I'm not sure I remember how to do it. It was a challenge the first time - as they say, "use it or loose it".

The RSS feeds was sort of cool, but I haven't been back to my account to read the feeds since I set them up.

Now YouTube had me hooked because these are very brief videos and you can just pop in and view one without dedicating much time. I especially like the comedy ones for a quick pick-me-up. No wonder it's such a popular site.

My lifelong learning goal is to actually subscribe to the Internet at home. I can't seem to make a decision about the service provider. I will be forced to eventually when I retire and have no email access. Yikes!

I'm surprised I finished the exercises. There were some tough spots along the way that got me so frustrated I wanted to quit. I am pleased that I was successful with most of the exercises.

I suggest that you have a drop in workshop for each week. I attended them and it forced me to find time for the exercises plus the opportunity to ask questions without feeling I was bothering someone during work.

If you offered another discovery program, I probably would not choose to participate - it would depend on the prize at the end.

Thanks for all your efforts on the learning journey. Bye now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Week 9 #22

I'm not a big reader of books at this time in my life. I'm lucky if I read my mail the same day I get it. Not enough time. I don't think this ebook thing would be the way to go if I were reading books. I explored the gutenberg site and broused their top 100. I chose two different titles to see what they were like and was really disappointed. Illustrations were omitted and there was just text on a white page. I cannot imagine reading a whole book at your computer! Call me old fashioned if you must, but give me a book with color and illustrations or something to invite me to read it. I must say though that the site wasn't complicated and the download was quite fast - a "+" in my opinion.

Net Library's greeting says "Welcome to the Welcome to the" - not a good thing for a University site. The ebook icons are not appealiing and neither were the titles.

I realized when I went to Safari that all I was going to find were intellectual or academic type materials. Great that they are available 24/7, but not for me.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Week 9 #21

I ran into a lot of technical difficulties. Finally got Explorer to play a few podcasts on, but they were just audio lecture things that were boring. Explorer crashed when I was trying to play a Guide podcast I found under libraries. When I clicked play a pop-up for downloading ActiveX control something or other and it froze everything up.

I went to Podcast Alley and wanted to see a podcast with video. Couldn't do that either. After waiting what seemed like forever, I got instructions to load Podcast Aggregator. Back to the drawing board.

Last podcast site, Yahoo podcasts. Another crash. That's it for me.
I'm telling you right now that I spent way too much time trying to find something "library" to post here on my blog. One of my most frustrating experiences so far.

Week 9 #20

A person could spend a lot of time brousing around on YouTube. I listened to a great music clip of two very talented people playing Vivaldi's Summer. Then I thought comedy would be a great thing to add to my blog. I found this on video that had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes Hope you get a good laugh out of this too. It's a little slow to start with but wait, it's worth it.

The site is pretty easy to navigate around in but there are so many videos that it's a bit overwhelming. Library work can be a bit intense so I think at least once a day (for health purposes) everyone should view a comedy video and get a good laugh.

Week 8 #19

I'm afraid I'm going to have so many accounts out there that I will have to cancel when I'm done learning, that I might not get them all cancelled!

I created my library of 5 books

There was quite a range of popularity, from 0 to 971. What are they trying to say about my taste in reading materials? There were no discussions (conversations) for any of my books. I guess we are all readers, not talkers.

Week 8 #18

Well I would have never thought a groundhog would be out here in Zoho land writing a wiki. I tried to get on Zoho chat but it wouldn't let me. I looked at the Zoho spreadsheet and it's the familiar Excel format so that would be very easy to use. I popped into Zoho presentations but didn't do anything because I couldn't think of anything. This looks like a fun site.

I wrote my blog entry in Zoho writer because I thought I could link it to my blog. Couldn't figure it out so I guess that would be a no. I kept getting some Java script error message so I just closed out.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Week 7 #17

Okay, a little instruction might have helped me. I logged in to edit the wiki, but then I didn't know how to add my blog to the Favorite Blogs page. I mucked around; hope I didn't screw anything up.
That's how you'll know I was there :-)

Added my two cents to the favorite TV shows and favorite foods of course.

As far as using a wiki in my work - not a clue.